- Man has known for thousands of years the pottery making
- It's a craft that needs clay, water and fire with a little creativity
- It is an Ancestral art in Lebanon in different regions such as: Rachaya El-Fokhar, Deir Koucha (Chouf) home to the first known pottery workshop, Jisr El Kadi (Aley), Beit Chabab (Metn) and Assia (Batroun)
- The art of pottery never stopped evolving in Lebanese villages

Pottery in history

- The raw material used in the production of pottery is clay
- It is diluted with water, sifted in the sun, trampled, cleaned and kneaded
- The paste is then moistened to be valid for use

The shaping processes used

- The modeling by hand, the pieces are left to dry, then cooked in special ovens
- The molding, an easy technique that involves creating the piece by using molds
- The throwing using a pottery wheel. Process you can admire in our workshop