Traditional Blown Glass

Blown glass is one of the oldest ancestral art in Lebanon, where the craftsman should possess creative skills and a certain knack

Discovering the Glass

- According to Pliny the Elder, Phoenician merchants discovered the glass
- One day they stopped on the beach of Tyre to rest and prepare their meal
- Cooking their food in pots supported by natron blocks
- They noticed that under the natron stones, an unknown viscous liquid had appeared
- They immediately called it the Glass
- With time, they began to melt sand and natron in suitable ovens to produce glass
- To make household utensils, jewelry and decorative objects for palaces

Characteristics of the glass

- Glass is a crystalline substance, homogeneous
- Coming from the slow cooling of certain substances after fusion
- Fragile and transparent
- The glass is made of natural materials: sand, limestone, potash and lime 
- Industrial glass is recyclable. It is fused at a very high temperature

Glass recycling

- The recycling of glass is part of the effort for environmental protection
- It is a simple and effective ecologically friendly practice
- Glass is 100% recyclable without modification of its properties
- Glass containers are collected in bins or tippers provided for this purpose
- The glass is sorted according to its color and washed to remove all impurities
- Then the glass is crushed and turned into cullet
- Cullet is melted in a special oven at a temperature of 1400 ° C
- The Master Craftsman pulls out a molten glass ball with a long hollow metal rod
- He carries the tube to his lips and blows